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Top Loft Products

Top Loft has a wide selection of our own quality products to help you get the best from your racing team.



   General Pigeon accessories                      
Junior Quartz Computer T3
  • QC15/T3 - 12 Pigeons
  • QC24/T3 - 21 Pigeons

Since 1952 the concept of the Junior Timer has remained the same: a very compact timer that enables easy clocking. The recorded clocking can be printed using the Junior Dataprinter and communication with a computer either directly or via modem is easy.

Pigeon Marker Rings 
and Trap Wires

Nest Bowls and 
Nest Felt

Moulded Plastic Drinkers
(1 Litre and 2 Litre)

7 Litre Feeder or Drinker

" V " Perchers 

To assist in resporatory

Top Loft Company has a wide range of medications.


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