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Top Loft has a complete selection of Beyer Products to help you get the best from your racing team.



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Purifies the blood

Garlic oil increases the fluidity of the bloods, therefore accelerating the blood flow in the muscular tissue and optimising the oxygen and energy metabolism. 

Garlic oil has a strengthening and purifying effect on the organism. It should be given year round. During the racing season particularly on Monday and Tuesday. 

To be mixed with the grains: 30 drops per kg / 15 drops per LBS. Handy bottle with squirt top.
Concentrated garlic oil is a dextrose solution. It combines the purifying effects of the garlic oil with the glucose providing the energy.

Particularly recommended after the races or after treatment against coccidiosis or worms.

One or two tablespoons per litre (4-8 per gallon) of drinking water two days a week. 
Protein: 44%
Beyers brewers yeast powder is a natural source of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to the natural amino acids and vitamins of the B complex and the essential minerals, Beyers yeast has an exceptionally beneficial effect on vitality and resistance.

Recommended dose: mix one tablespoon per kg (2 pounds) of feed, particularly for the first days after the race. Hermetically sealed packaging.
Vitamins and Minerals
Vitacalc is a necessary supplementary food for pigeons and should be made available year round. Vitacalc contains the following vitamins A, D3, B1, B2, B3, E, PP and the pigeon vitamin par excellence B12.

With its 25% of calcium Vitacalc provides the recommended daily dose of calcium.

Can be mixed with the food or put into the pot which should be refreshed daily. Hermetically sealed packaging. 


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