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Top Loft has a complete selection of Beyer Products to help you get the best from your racing team.



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Liquid Minerals - Oligo Elements

Chromix is a unique preperation which activates the pigeons metabolism and guarantees optimal condition. Chromium chelates procure the optimal absorption of food ingredients so that the pigeon can benefit more from the food which is being administered. As a result the muscle-carcass ratios is increased and more power can be produced. B12 takes care of the production of haemoglobin, so that the oxygen absorption capacity rises, which results in greater staying power. MSM is particularly active in the formation of bones and feathers. To be administered during the breeding season and to youngsters. To be given to racing pigeons for recovery and recuperation after the race. Use 1bottle cap per quart (1 L) of drinking water.
Amino acids and Vitamins

Amino Star provides a supplementary dose of essential amino acids and vitamins which are indispensable for optimal protein absorption. Enhances the recuperation capacity and strengthens the organism.
Directions for use: One cap per litre of drinking water or per kilogram of food. Breeding, sport and moult periods: twice a week. In winter: Once a week.   
Herbal Extracts
Herba Duif is a liquid pigeon tea dissolved in organic acids, reinforced with minerals (inter alia seaweed iodide) and vitamins.
Promotes optimal condition and higher resistance to viral and bacterial infections. Harmonises the digestive system and the intestinal flora operation. Procures a good recovery after illnesses and exhaustive flights. Can be administered preventively throughout the year, is essential during the breeding season and during medication. Use 20ml per gallon of drinking water(5ml / litre). During the racing season: exclusively after returning from the race.
Energy Impulse
Energy increasing oil complex from soy, maize germs, peanuts, safflower seeds and wheat germs.

Contains a high proportion of unsaturated vegetable fatty acids.

To be mixed with the food for two days before basketing as supplementary energy impulse.

30 drops per kilogram / 15 drops per 1 LBS 


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